Click2Houston - KPRC 2 App Reviews

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Needs serious overhaul

App crashes all the time. Clicked on video story and after showing the full commercial only one second of story video showed. Stories routinely have grammar or spelling issues. I guess the only thing they make sure works are the commercials.


Eve though I live in San Antonio, I keep up with Houston news!

Ad-free version needed

There needs to be an option from within the app to upgrade to get rid of ads. Otherwise, I would give the app a higher rating.

Promoted Stories dont open

I know the Promoted stories are for advertising incoming, but it would be better if the links actually work. I tap a story of interest but all I get is a blank page. If they dont work, get rid of them. Wasted use of space.

Too many notifications

Way too many notifications. They used to only push important notifications now they send everything.

Very good

Very good

Worst App Ever

I would give it 0 stars. Too many issues. Cant upload pictures, cant send email or information, cant send news info. Click o. A story and it loops to the wrong one. Horrible app. Im sure it isnt my phone as the other news stations apps work great.

Failed Update

Your latest update was a failure because it will not update on the current IOS.

Video doesnt work in this app

Failed implementation of a video player. Video freezes often. They should just use YouTube or the built in iOS media player that actually work if they want to stay relevant to those of us who consume our news on our mobile devices and not sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

Liberal-biased Media & Copy of CNN

A horrible and disappointing embarrassment for a local news outlet!!! I had to delete this app. Every story during the election was bashing Trump and they repeat all the bias of CNN stories.


It no longer allows sharing new with anyone but FaceBook and Twitter

Truly disappointed

Do not like this new app. The old app was much better. I dont understand when some thing is not broke why fix it.

Worst local news app by far

Update is worse than original, which was still at the bottom of the heap. Difficult to navigate, impossible to read entire headline, this is basically useless.

Ugh not happy

This "new/improved" app is AWFUL !!! Not only do I simply "dislike" it ...I HATE IT ! Will be deleting for another local channel. I live in the world (old school) "if it aint broke, DONT FIX IT". If I read a story and go back to the main page Im FORCED to go alllllll the way back to the TOP instead of where I was; I cannot seem to be able to select National/World news, entertainment, and others that I enjoyed having access to daily. Sooooo when can I get the "old" app BACK ??? Really poor choice to make such drastic changes. As far as "tapping" a star ... I would but none are available on the negative side.

Looks r deceiving

Pretty graphics but poor navigation. I always liked ability to filter world news, entertainment, etc. what was wrong with precious design?

Terrible upgrade

Wow! It used to be a great news AP for Houston news. Totally screwed up the AP. Please undo this mess.

Believe what you read

This new version is horrible...believe all of these reviews that are bad..they are telling you the fast

Upgrade I think

The website and app experience is consistent now, which is cool. Look is clean and simple. Load speeds have gotten better.

Change isnt always progress!

I dont like this version at all! Its particularly annoying when you change the font size so you can read an entire headline but it doesnt save the change. Some amateur must have done the revisions. Change it quickly or Im switching stations.

Best of the Houston area news sites

I check the three main Houston news sites daily and this is the best by far. The lead stories are current unlike other sites that present months old stories as if the happened that day. With the updated format its easy to scroll down to see all the stories, easy to read. I like it.

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